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Zoom games for Kindergarten | Online activities for preprimary | How to make online class joyful -KG

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Preprimary students may not respond to online teaching learning practice the same way as high school students. Watch this video to know the five educational zoom games or Kindergarten that you can use to make your online class more joyful, lively and interesting for little children. These ways will definitely help you to make your online class better for young learners. These online activities for preprimary are really helpful. Kniow how to make online class joyful

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Tips to make online class joyful and interesting (for primary students)

5 games for online class

5 more games for your online/ regular class

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  1. Hello Mam
    Good afternoon…

    Your ideas and tips for virtual celebrations are very useful….
    Thank you…

    Now waiting for something creative for online Christmas celebration..

  2. Excellent 🌟 good 💡 especially i will try bring me something riddles, picture reading and asking questions related to it.

  3. Very good mam. Thank you
    You have helped me a lot.

  4. Ma'am your Ideas are great and can be applied to any class by bit modification.

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  6. Wooow… wonderful and very well explained ❤️❤️

  7. Hi. Mam I very impressed your teaching style mam.hats off your hard working.

  8. Activities are very good they are interesting

  9. Hi mam , I am very happy to watch your video. It is very helpful for me as a teacher. Thank you for your hard work

  10. Nasima khan Wonderful Thanks Madam very helpful 🌹🌹🌹

  11. Thank you very much you are well educated and your educating us also

  12. Nice mam give very interesting ideas for student education

  13. Hello mam. Will you suggest some interesting activities related to National day that can be provide to 4 years old kids

  14. Ma'am please share more videos for pre primary especially for online classes

  15. Thank you so much mam… Actually I prepared this week's syllabus for my kindergarten children hence it was a large group and still the students were not yet settled down I will apply your ideas for making the classroom with fun and active. Thanks again

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