When Someone Thinks FNAF is A Kid’s Game || original ending?? || • Pëbbłē Øffïçīal • || not original - gamechangerorlando.org

When Someone Thinks FNAF is A Kid’s Game || original ending?? || • Pëbbłē Øffïçīal • || not original

• Pëbbłē Øffïçīal •
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  1. Okay- I have a big question-
    What did Clara say..?🤨

  2. Oml- please glitch traps voice is like a kids voice oml- 😳😳😳

  3. Alot of ppl get famous and fans bc of fnaf! I love fnaf like I'm obsessed with fnaf, and if anyone tells me and my friends that fnaf is such a boring/childish game. Your dead…

  4. Ok just to make this clear:

  5. Someone: Has an opinion

    Aftons + more: And I took that personally

  6. if you say its a kids game your saying the kids are very brave

  7. Who's a kid that is a fan fnaf and not scared of it

  8. At this exact time, an earthquake is happening.

  9. FNAF is more ANGSTY and Gore than what people think-

  10. Only KF can sub to me whoever isnt KF don't sub says:


    Not even nobody:

    ballora: dont be shy.. ~

  11. Fnaf is for kids game? Are u sure tho it’s not
    Me the weirdest kid ever: watching fnaf when I was young


    Fun fact: I beat Sister Location

  13. Chi dice che fnaf è per bambini ha un problema perché se si spaventano pure gli adulti di circa 30 è impossibile che sia un gioco per bambini. Comunque ti adoro!!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡!!!!!!!!!! scusa ho paura di sbagliare troppo scrivendo in inglese.

  14. Wow you did such a great job with the movements not just single images lmao

  15. Random person: FNAF is a kid's game!
    Me: Ok, so you think that death, torture, fires, and souls wanting to be free from their pain is a kid's thing? Gotcha.

  16. Soo that how scoot make the game popular ?

  17. not a real children's game, more precisely an old but unique game 😅

  18. oh cool vid but Mrs aftons voice line was a fan who recorded herself and said mrs aftons voice line i think

  19. The lady : mmm om lets chek the game
    The lady : aaaaaa this is so scary

  20. thats it. this is the best video i have ever seen. i loved it

  21. When u first start playing its looks all normal and just a normal kids game… but what really makes it a horror game is the backstory and when you get to fnaf 2,3,4,5,6 its more dark aka exactly why i love fnaf

  22. I think CBs, Ennards, GlitchTraps and Henry’s all are the scariest, cos they all sound like their going to kill you-

  23. Can someone please tell me What Clara/Roselle/Name was saying? My hearing terrible-

  24. I secretly watch FNAF 4 because I'm 10, and my parents think it's too scary

  25. I’ve never played fnaf because I’m scared

  26. "dont be shy… you wont die"


  27. No one has ever did it for the proxies, why?

  28. When ballora said don't be shy I said put sum more

  29. “FNAF is for kids!”
    yeah a game about a serial killer murdering kids and stuffing their corpses into animatronics only for their souls to get revenge and kill their murderer and also a guy goes to work somewhere and gets his organs scooped out and is used as a skinsuit for animatronics to escape an underground facility only for everyone to then burn is a game for kids

    makes sense 🙂

  30. Nobody cares! This is REALY childish game. FNaF not scary. Proof that it's scary!

  31. Is it me or I am just a baby to play fnaf

  32. * gets tortured by FNaF characters *

    Let’s go check it out!

  33. Actually.. it isn’t a kids game at ALL. First, Henry made a animatronic to kill him. (In books) And William kills kids and yeah.. Michael killed his own brother and stuff. It’s ALWAYS killing. There’s really no one who ever survived in the game. Everyone is dead. There’s also blood, LOTS and LOTS of blood. And jump scares.. and in vr they are SO scary-

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