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When Kids Meet Their Heroes

Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal
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There is no truer love for football than the passion held in the hearts of kids, which makes the encounters between fans and footballers the most moving moments in the game. Zlatan, Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, here are some of the most touching moments shared between young fans of the game and it’s stars.

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  1. If you was here before you know the video picture was of Neymar and his fan

  2. Football unites our emotion
    The most beautiful game on planet

  3. I am a kid and i always wish to meet my idol neymar

  4. When Zalatan Was A kid he used to take Footballers with him to pitch 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Zlatan with adults : 😤😠😡🙄🤬
    Zlatan with kids : 😁😀🙂😄🙃

  6. Hernan is a goat I can not tell u a single soul on the earth that does what he does

  7. KID? kid is a baby goat don't call them baby goats call them child or children

  8. Idk when the security grab the kid hard , like hes not gonna hurt him

  9. Zlatan, believe it or not was once a kid🤣🤣😂

  10. I am sure that Zlatan is one of the most humble guy , even if I didn't met him.

  11. When I meet Cristiano Ronaldo👑 and die the next second, and that will be the happiest death ever☺🙂

  12. don't be nervous
    you with zlatan now
    enjoying the moment

  13. Before i died with my cancer, I really want to meet Neymar and Messi.. I'm from Sabah, Malaysia :')

  14. Kid : I’m nervous
    Zlatan : of course u are with a lion u should be

  15. If Ronaldo goes to city then he going to be hated by all Utd fans

  16. In the pick neymar looks more delighted then the kid

  17. In 10 years if I play pro football hopefully I can swap shirts with Zlatan. Messi will be retired but Zlatan will never retire

  18. The seemly underwear relevantly hurry because hygienic longitudinally heal out a stingy basement. tired, busy wound

  19. That is a lie zlatan was not a kid. Kid was once zlatan . He came from nowhere he is not goat he is God. Long live ZLATAN

  20. Zlatan Knows When That Kid Did His Hair Like Him.

  21. really expected Zlatan to say something along the lines of: "When you are with Zlatan, you are not nervous."

  22. i know im going to sound really dumb but i forgot the name of this footballer at 4:47

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