The "Sand" Children (Game of Thrones) -

The “Sand” Children (Game of Thrones)

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Characters like Oberyn Martell’s daughters and his paramour,
Ellaria Sand were not given house surnames but are treated better in
Dorne than in any other kingdom in westeros when it comes to illegitimate
born children from the game of thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire lore

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Desert art from the Journey game
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seasons changing timelapse by
king’s landing art by –
love goddess scene from hercules
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  1. Let's hear of the Flowers, Hills, Rivers, Storms and Stones… and maybe some Pyke… much later

  2. Anakin Skywalker: sees “sand” and “children” in title
    *ignites lightsaber

  3. Could you please do a video on Houses that have multiple branches. We all know of the Graystarks Karstarks, and the Targaryens bastard Blackfyres.
    But what other families have multiple branches?

  4. Third time request: all the Queens of the Iron Throne!!

  5. PLEASE do one for each region if that’s even possible

  6. may Oberyn be always remembered as the one who Legit brought the bastardized sack of shit known as the Mountain down
    if Only he didn't took it for granted and got obsessed by his stupid confession
    he would have won that fight in less than 1 minute

  7. Are bastards allowed to marry each other? Whose name does the child take? Would a child of a Sand and a Rivers be a Mudd? Interesting.

  8. I think it a great idea to look at all the famous bastards in A Song of Ice and Fire. We hear about a lot of them in the history book Fire and Blood, some ever become Kingsguard. You could also do a video on the Kingsguard who had three wives and a lot of kids. I would said it a good idea to do The Reach next, then The Stormlands. Afterwards, go to The Crownlands, up to The Vale, left to The Riverlands and Westerlands. And finally The Iron Islands, but I don't think you will find many there. Keep up the great work Whycreate!

  9. Good to see you're still making Game of Thrones videos.

  10. I would have loved to see Dorne play a bigger role in the show later on.
    To bad d&d had to kill them off so fast and then they forgot about Dorne entirely.

  11. While I don't think bastards are truly equal I think it may have been due to Doran having plans for Arianne to marry for an alliance.

  12. not really sure why people watched game of thrones, but you have a lot of crap on it with a few rare good videos

  13. A normal dude who was attacked because of a joke says:

    These women are useful councilor in ck2 agot lol

  14. Can you talk about Pykes, specifically Wex Pyke? He singlehandedly sets Manderly's plan in motion

  15. Dorne is more progressive…except for the whole chattel slavery thing.

  16. Once again my man coming with that good content !!! Loved the video !

  17. Thank you and bless you for still making these videos I think I can speak for everyone and say that you are awesome and appreciated 👍👍

  18. Hmmm vipers…snakes…dragons…Martels

  19. "My huge Oberyn bias"

    Also known as having good tastes

  20. I like how the thumbnail is Bronn is a Dornisn Cavalry outfit. I think you got both sand snakes incorrect lol

  21. I believe that the north counts as a desert becuase of the lack of rain and survivability you meant it's the only arid desert

  22. Obara's mom was left crying because obyrn hit her before leaving

  23. I feel the pain too. How the show treated the Martell’s and the Dornish plotline is the reason season 5 was a problem.

  24. It's interesting that bastards of the Iron Islands are called "Pyke" (no, autocorrect, not "puke"). No other region has bastards take on the name of an actual place, just something that the region is known for. You'd think Iron Islands bastards should be called "Salt" or something, or even "Iron", though I don't think there's actually iron there (could be wrong).

  25. ‘The Vale gets stoned’.. well, that would explain a lot..

  26. Dorne sounds like the place to grow up in the 7 Kingdoms

  27. Trying to think of the most obscure topic to beg for a video on. Gimme uhh lemme get uhh origins of Drinkwater and Yronwood

  28. Did you ever make a Rivers video? It hasn’t come up in my suggested🤣

  29. Lol the sand people are cool with bastards and has the most of them LMAO

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