~ // The Child // Gacha Club Version // Based on a game // PLEASE READ DESC // ~ - gamechangerorlando.org

~ // The Child // Gacha Club Version // Based on a game // PLEASE READ DESC // ~

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Hello there. I just want so say I’m sorry for not posting
in such a really long time. You guys really miss me
I need to post at least something!
I know I know, I did promise you guys I will post Goblet Of Fire…
It’s still in progress…. so ya…
So anyways, please, please enjoy this video that I made in the past 6 days.
I know this video is 22 minutes long, but you can always stop watching it and continue watching it later
Enjoy the video. pls-

This video may not be suitable for children or for those who are easily disturbed.

This mini movie is a recreation of a game called “The Child” .
It is about a young girl named Kiki. She was asked to babysit a little girl named Ana because her parents are scared of her. Because Ana was born differently.

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  1. Does Ana have albinism? (unusually white hair and red eyes)

  2. Pls don’t judge this coment I never played it
    I think Ana is just misunderstood

  3. This was so good, good job Cherry!💝💫

  4. If someone is wondering this video is based of a game

  5. me after I realize iCherry uploaded: Clicks faster than you can say iCherry

  6. Why does this remind me of fanf just with babysitting-

  7. How fitting that I discovered this after watching Manly play it. Just subbed

  8. icherry…made the child gacha version would we save them? i think i do know the answer to this…
    *That night i quietly picked up ana and kiki and autobots help brought them to to my hidden realm base with the aperture turrets that can go into their merged heads to transfer it to the righteous anger of daikengo*
    the fallen:so were they able to see their heads and the power they get from patches rodimus prime brought?
    me:it seems to be so so yes also when i pass the clown toy doll to the circus clown turrets they knew they were to master the clowns funny ways…*holds teddy and clown doll in my hands*
    Ultra maguns:why not talk in their ears softly then they'll know the time they get up to the devil star powering up daikengo as final touch?
    me:okay *notice very fast mobile wheeler going into their heads to pick up patches and brigs it to the real world then speaks softly in their ears* kiki,ana if you can hear me one of my turret got patches and i'm trying to unite your heads/dreams transfer to righteous anger of uchuu majin/cosmic devil daikengo once you wake up to the devil star shining above our aperture launch base we'll call you to wake up and see.. *moves off to see patches then senses kiki and ana illusion merged of themselves* what's happening too much scary power how can i maintain aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaGH! *turns Rainbow with pulse yellow,red,pink,black and white circuit hands* oh man hmm? where did the fallen and rodimus and ultra magnus go off to? oh yeah the aperture launch base central i suppose… i was prying they woke up to the light and seeing me holding teddy and clown and patches with me **removes the head realm plugs from their heads ok i wonder they woke up and see me

  9. Can you post some scenes from The Order Of The Phoenix? I love Harry Potter stuff from you ♥️


  11. So that is wy Cherry took so much time wen she was makimg the video its verry long

  12. Wow… So 😱 and (Tʖ̯T) at the same time! {I know this is 🏃💨 but still}


  14. Are u know about Afton family of fnaf or Nigh at frredy's

  15. Woooow this is toooooo good. This is intersing gcmm

  16. I love this so much!!! I have watched the gameplay multiple times and every time when it gets to the part with drawing and how she gets stabbed i cry and once again watching this I cried, this is exactly like the real game. This is actually amazing good job!!!!

  17. Tho being a scaredy-cat this actually was PERFECT for me to stop being scared of everything!

  18. So I saw this video so much and I had no idea it was made by iCherry!

  19. Congrats on 200k! Have you gotten your silver play button yet?

  20. The fact that I only came here cus the comments are three 6's 💀

  21. When Teddy jumped out I fell off my bed 🤣🤣

  22. Can you tell my how u make ur videos ( like editing what app do u use cuz I use KineMaster)

  23. Wow I will say this is one of the best videos i cherry has ever made I mean like all her other videos are also good this one….. this one is amazing!

  24. Hay icherry! Your the best YouTube ever you inspired me to make a YouTube channel and I would love a shout out I've never had one before I hope you have a good day!

  25. Best gacha movie I have watched in ages💕✨

  26. “This may not be suitable for children.

  27. Wow i thinked everyone haved forgot about that game But i guess i was wrong

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