~ // The Child // Gacha Club Version // Based on a game // PLEASE READ DESC // ~ - gamechangerorlando.org

~ // The Child // Gacha Club Version // Based on a game // PLEASE READ DESC // ~

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Hello there. I just want so say I’m sorry for not posting
in such a really long time. You guys really miss me
I need to post at least something!
I know I know, I did promise you guys I will post Goblet Of Fire…
It’s still in progress…. so ya…
So anyways, please, please enjoy this video that I made in the past 6 days.
I know this video is 22 minutes long, but you can always stop watching it and continue watching it later
Enjoy the video. pls-

This video may not be suitable for children or for those who are easily disturbed.

This mini movie is a recreation of a game called “The Child” .
It is about a young girl named Kiki. She was asked to babysit a little girl named Ana because her parents are scared of her. Because Ana was born differently.

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  1. Wow i thinked everyone haved forgot about that game But i guess i was wrong

  2. “This may not be suitable for children.

  3. Best gacha movie I have watched in ages💕✨

  4. Hay icherry! Your the best YouTube ever you inspired me to make a YouTube channel and I would love a shout out I've never had one before I hope you have a good day!

  5. Wow I will say this is one of the best videos i cherry has ever made I mean like all her other videos are also good this one….. this one is amazing!

  6. Can you tell my how u make ur videos ( like editing what app do u use cuz I use KineMaster)

  7. When Teddy jumped out I fell off my bed 🤣🤣

  8. The fact that I only came here cus the comments are three 6's 💀

  9. Congrats on 200k! Have you gotten your silver play button yet?

  10. So I saw this video so much and I had no idea it was made by iCherry!

  11. Tho being a scaredy-cat this actually was PERFECT for me to stop being scared of everything!

  12. I love this so much!!! I have watched the gameplay multiple times and every time when it gets to the part with drawing and how she gets stabbed i cry and once again watching this I cried, this is exactly like the real game. This is actually amazing good job!!!!

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