that one kid in minecraft hunger games be like -

that one kid in minecraft hunger games be like

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“tHiS wIlL bE eAsY!”

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  1. subscribe or the hack "herobrine i like balls" will get patched

  2. normal people: fights like the normal game

    me: gets a whole army by my side into the game somehow

  3. 2:05 he dies with a command block in his inventory
    Edit: it is there

  4. I like when he try to summon herobrine🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. "Herobrine I like Ball$"
    I laugh and I hate myself because of it

  6. When he died a command block came out of his inventory

  7. I like how the guy that died dropped commandblocks😂😂😂

  8. Lyrics:
    {Spoiler Alert if you have watch this video before}

    McYum: Okay so I heard that the other day you can play survival games in minecraft, I think it’s like the hunger games film or something so let me give it a go
    McYum: alright and uh let me let me go to the mid whats he doing do that guy over whats is he yeah I should have this in one bag
    The Other McYum: MONKEY NOISES
    Bigfoot: appears
    The Other McYum: BRING, BRING, B R I N G !
    Bigfoot: gives him op stuffs
    MyYum: loots some chest
    The Other McYum: digs up one grass and finds the mining mole
    The Mining Mole: gives him all diamond weapons
    The Other McYum: mines some diamond blocks
    McYum: I think I’m gonna look some more food because um you know we don’t have much and I just want to be in the safe zone
    The Other McYum: finds a straight hole OH DREAM OH DREAM!
    Dream: lights up nether portal
    The Other McYum: HEAVY BREATHING
    McYum: oops drop my drop my sword alright come back here come in
    The Other McYum: finds the devil and sold his 2 diamond blocks and one fish OOMPALATE OOOOOMMM!!!
    The Devil: gives him full netherite Armor
    Challange Complete Advancement Sound Plays
    McYum: Ah Cheeky huh jeez I mean I think that other guy probably would have fallen for that casually gets trapped and tries to break with sword
    The Other McYum: Herobrine I like balls!
    Herobrine: climbing down the vines
    Bandiamcom Mode Activated!
    The Other McYum: HEROBRINE I LIKE BALLS!!!!
    McYum: saying um 5 times Ah trying to trick me huh!?
    The Other McYum: beating the ender dragon exploding end crystals while herobrine is placing end crystals
    McYum: breaks wood
    The Other McYum: Ender dragon getting defeated Got him got him got him got him got him got him MONEKY NOISES
    GodMode Granted!
    The Other McYum: Became God and making more monkey noises
    McYum: okay I’m feeling pretty good now I think we should probably go and try hunt this guy down and win the game
    The Other McYum: makes monkey noises and finds McYum

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