Sadhguru on Effect Of MOVIES & VIDEO GAMES on CHILDREN`S Mind || An EYE-OPENER for the SOCIETY -

Sadhguru on Effect Of MOVIES & VIDEO GAMES on CHILDREN`S Mind || An EYE-OPENER for the SOCIETY

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Sadhguru explains how the cinema and video games are effecting child and the society. Entertainers need to be more responsible in making there content.

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  1. Totally agree and very well explained by Guruji….

  2. Must watch video for parents. There is significant impact of games and movie on children..

  3. the entertainers should be more responsible in making movies ………..totally agreed with you sadhguru🙏🙏🙏

  4. I’ve been gaming since I was little now I am a teenager and I don’t think video games have made me violent in real life.

  5. One of the wisdom of shiva conciousness.. is that what is beyond the physical… Nonduality teaches to understand perception … Most of games not focus on spirituality but duality … Duality can make us a great warrior but nonduality builds the warrior with wisdom … I don't play games anymore since many years … My focus is on beyond the duality understanding nonduality… If you research games today it's all mind control to make us violent …the reason why nonduality is important because wisdom and humanity is from dimensions… The focus is to get out of mind control …

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