Playing All The Edgy Newgrounds Games I Loved As a Kid -

Playing All The Edgy Newgrounds Games I Loved As a Kid

Kubz Scouts
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The Internet was different back then…so was my computer and all I could play were these legendary flash games when I was younger, time for your boy to go back in time and re-live some moments from young Jay’s life; The Skullkid, Pico vs Uberkids, Pico School, some weird dating game and the game before Happy Wheels

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  1. My comic got cut off so #1 the person in people school that turns into a monster with upside down crosses your name is Cassandra and you gave her a boy

  2. You made the girl with the upside down crosses on her I have a boy voice and her name is Cassandra

  3. What was that ninja looking guy doing in the bathroom especially the girl bathroom cause he's a guy

  4. I feel like Pico was definitely American, lmao.

  5. If you haven’t played it you should the music is so funny it sounds like this do do do do dooo

  6. Apples are a:RED fruit.Granny smith and her apples,am I a joke to you?(ʘᴗʘ✿)

  7. Ngl. If you watched or played madness combat you already know you were Consider cool

  8. when jay was playing the Pico v.s Uberkids my anxiety went all the way up

  9. Your telling me the three from Rock Paper Scissors roulette aren’t from fnf???

  10. When he said pico vs Uber kids was like super hard I decided to try and play it cus it was one of the Pico games I hadn’t played yet so I played it and beat it first try XD

  11. Jay: why is nene throating it
    Me: because it’s nene

  12. Wow just wow the disrespect my guy the disrespect to my Cassandra how dare you

  13. I only cam here for the Pico stuff

  14. go
    go go

    I’m sorry

  15. The amount of blood thing is apart in the game

  16. My dood just straight up killed Nene off camera- I- poor Nene- X,D

  17. POV: Your looking for comments about FNF.

  18. i won the pico vs the uberkids game it is easy

  19. No one saw that bird on the window?????

  20. u so lucky my pc so TRASH IT CANT RUN FLASH GAME

  21. Jay you need to move shooting the big guys.

  22. Imagine playing GTA on that crappy computer

  23. I played new grounds rumble and I played as Pico

  24. u hear your parents come home and u haven't studied for the test u write tomorrow

  25. I didn't realize, I've played the rock, paper, scissors one as a child :0

  26. This make good audio for drawing no joke also I'm drawing skid

  27. Uploads have been pretty inconsistent lately, your boy is trying to get his head right so I can provide you with the best content I can!! Slowly getting there, thank you all for your patience, have a great day and hope you enjoy the vid!

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