Playing All The Edgy Newgrounds Games I Loved As a Kid -

Playing All The Edgy Newgrounds Games I Loved As a Kid

Kubz Scouts
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The Internet was different back then…so was my computer and all I could play were these legendary flash games when I was younger, time for your boy to go back in time and re-live some moments from young Jay’s life; The Skullkid, Pico vs Uberkids, Pico School, some weird dating game and the game before Happy Wheels

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  1. Uploads have been pretty inconsistent lately, your boy is trying to get his head right so I can provide you with the best content I can!! Slowly getting there, thank you all for your patience, have a great day and hope you enjoy the vid!

  2. This make good audio for drawing no joke also I'm drawing skid

  3. I didn't realize, I've played the rock, paper, scissors one as a child :0

  4. u hear your parents come home and u haven't studied for the test u write tomorrow

  5. I played new grounds rumble and I played as Pico

  6. Imagine playing GTA on that crappy computer

  7. Jay you need to move shooting the big guys.

  8. u so lucky my pc so TRASH IT CANT RUN FLASH GAME

  9. No one saw that bird on the window?????

  10. i won the pico vs the uberkids game it is easy

  11. POV: Your looking for comments about FNF.

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