Fun Indoor and Outdoor Games for Children’s Part -

Fun Indoor and Outdoor Games for Children’s Part

Entertaining a group of small kids may be difficult. Even if there are only 2 of them. Parents rack their brains, trying to come up with some fresh ideas. The major problem is to combine the amusing part with educational elements. It is vital to mix physical and mental activities. Why? To keep them interested in the process, as well as focused. And it would be a bad idea to exclude video adventures from the list. There are some good options designed to teach the young something new. And most importantly – they are not addictive. We have prepared a list of entertaining activities. Play games for children’s birthdays with your kids to see that it is fun.

3 Traditional Variants

Sack Race

Kids jump their way to the finish line in a sack. It is challenging, loud, and extremely competitive. A perfect combo to make each participant 100% involved. It is possible to divide them into groups to ignite a team spirit. Look how pleased these small jumpers are

Treasure Hunt

Simple to organize, searching for hidden sweets or other items is very captivating. There may be several rounds with slightly different rules. For example, they collect individually in the first match. While in the second – in teams to get a bigger prize when winning. To make it more sophisticated, write clues that will lead to the chest of treasures.

Pin the Tail On the Donkey

Old but still popular, it keeps entertaining generation after generation. Hang a picture of a donkey on the wall. It shouldn’t have a tail. A blindfolded participant tries to pin it where it belongs, guided by friends.

It is really loud. Have a look:

The same principle applies to other images. For example, the dwarf and the beard.

Video Games for Children’s Learning

Smarty Pants: Trivia Fun for Everyone

Smarty Pants Trivia Fun for Everyone

A 2007 quiz offers questions (over 20.000) that fit the player’s age. With topics ranging from history to sports, it is a way to test one’s knowledge. And learn new things on the way. Both single-player and multiplayer modes are available.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Sackboy A Big Adventure

It is a 2020 platformer with a co-op mode. Working in a team, up to 4 players complete levels together. They collect items, overcome tricky obstacles, and fight all baddies.



Created in 2011, this sandbox survival boosts creativity and encourages strategic thinking. Exploring the environment, 5+year-old users build houses and gather resources. More difficult challenges teach them the principles of electricity, architecture, design, and programming. It is one of the best online games for children’s entertainment and education.