No ball games: life and play through the eyes of children across the UK -

No ball games: life and play through the eyes of children across the UK

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Celebrating the imagination and resourcefulness of young children across the UK by understanding the outdoor games they invent, inherit and play. The documentary was shot before Covid-19 changed their lives, and shifts from rural Wales to post-industrial Teesside and inner-city London. What challenges will these young people face in the aftermath of brutal funding cuts to youth services? How can their optimistic energy strengthen their resilience in these challenging times?

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  1. Well documented. Every child should be free to be kids and play all the games that helps them interact with each other wherever they are in the world!!!

  2. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

  3. I would spend hours playing “2 ball” against the wall of our home. Or “donkey” where you threw a ball against the wall and tried to jump over it as it dropped, the person queuing behind yo would catch it for their turn. No one ever broke a window.

  4. Frightening… sense some sort if revolution spearheaded by this generation.

  5. Thank goodness I was raised in the suburbs.

  6. Beautiful documentary. Reminded me of the Florida Project. Love from Australia. Power to the next generation.

  7. Wtf?? Don't have kids. Definitely the way to go. Quite annoying, for sure.

  8. Felt alive again…sure they'll make true hopes that we've forgotten..

  9. When they find the grinder on the ground haha

  10. 'There's lots of caterpillars down this way'. Cheers bud i'll keep away then

  11. Old School Eazy Killz - Outlaw Jackson says:

    The only good things still left in a cold world.

  12. The two Welsh girls with plaits are very old for their age, they remind me of my grandparents down the valleys, how they talk.

  13. Oh the innocence of childhood. Seeing this just makes me want to play and be carefree once again.

  14. the community is more important than the individual

  15. "i rather be dumb than alive"
    laughing so hard 😂

  16. কৃষি'মায়া-Love for Agriculture says:

    Hi! I am from Bangladesh.I am also a Youtuber. I always learn from your channel and enjoy very much. I am learning journalism on agriculture. Really, your Videos are very informative.

  17. I suppose the focus should be on the inocense and freedom children should enjoy. However, Marcus Rashford is having to tell the government to make sure kids in the UK are getting a meal each day. Among other serious injustices. All while people in Kensington moan about paying more capital gains tax. While private schools claim charitable status and pay f-all tax.

  18. I am remembering my childhood. I would spend lots of time with kids!

  19. Fascists of the dictator Lukashenka continue the genocide of the Belarusian people!! Support Belarusians!!

  20. The days of kids playing outside is history in the U.K. They’ve all migrated into Apple & Google ecosystem in virtual gaming world. That’s where it’s all happening these days.

  21. liked the documentary, but i still hate kids .

  22. So nice to see kids playing outside. Didn't think they did that anymore. A beautiful film.

  23. All engineered to make it easier for the Pressgang.

  24. A nice film, but I'm happy that my child is not growing up in the UK, it looks depressing!

  25. Very well made little short. Represents childhood and the UK perfectly.

  26. What's great was total lack of visible adults, and that's how we remember the best play. Great to challenge the misconception that no kids play out.

  27. 💖💞💕💖i like ai gi 💖💞💕💖md arman hussain ji india shiv shakti ji 💖💞💕💖

  28. "I'd rather be dumb than alive" – I agree, kid. I agree.

  29. incredibly inspiring.
    hey, The Guardian, what is the name of the song?

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