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Just A Boys’ Game – starring Frankie Miller

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One of Britain’s best dramas in my opinion, starring Scotland’s greatest ever singer Frankie Miller (again imo) in his only acting role, together with Ken Hutchison and a young Gregor Fisher (Rab C Nesbitt). The play first aired on 8th November 1979 on BBC’s Play For Today series, filmed in and around Greenock, Drumchapel and Port Glasgow and centres around young Jake McQuillan who lives in the shadow of his dying grandfather, who used to be Greenock’s hardest man. Martin Scorsese has apparently since said that the bar room brawl scene and it’s bleak moody atmosphere made it the Scottish equivalent of Mean Streets! Written by Peter McDougall who also wrote Just Another Saturday and Just Your Luck (available to watch here ) and Down Among The Big Boys starring Billy Connolly (available to watch here ).
Not A Peter McDougall film but check this one out on You Tube also, a BBC Screen Two production called Leaving


  1. wat areas and pubs in greenock were used for filming?

  2. Amazing man, this was old when I first seen it but I still love it

  3. As gritty as they come this is a Classic of how things were in that time ,you had to be there to understand it , best line in it was " Heh Mcafferty your Teas oot "

  4. RIP Ken Hutchison. A wonderful actor with real charisma. Your talent always shone.

  5. “That’s ma burd”. “Serves ye right” 🤣🤣

  6. Frankie miller to the bar maid “whiskey…, and he’l have a triple pernod with a shot of southern comfort and a taxi hame” 😌🥃🚕

  7. I wish Frankie Miller had done more acting, but he was certainly born to sing. I love his music so much.

  8. strikes me as like a working-class version of an Alan Bennet Play..captures the subtle nature of the culture that it is exploring with some of the same wit and sense of humour.. and of course it is from the same era.. but most of all – the Zen ending..

  9. What a cracking drama. Frankie Miller was brilliant.

  10. Im 21 so this is way before my time but ill always love this film. Its amazing for such a small budget.

  11. 680 views for this insight into 70s Scotland, 100 million views for the latest algorithm created pop song…the Poor's houses didn't seem to improve,this looks like a 1920s house

  12. Stonker of a film, don't suppose you've got just another Saturday too? 👍

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