How To Sort Objects for Kids | Sorting & Matching Games for Children | Kids Academy -

How To Sort Objects for Kids | Sorting & Matching Games for Children | Kids Academy

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How To Sort Objects for Kids | Sorting & Matching Games | Kids Academy

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How to Sort Objects for Kids 2018 | Sorting & Matching Games
Toddlers and kids have a natural-born curiosity and desire to make sense of their world. This desire draws them towards sorting and matching activities. Sorting objects for kids is the pathway to their cognitive development. As a teacher, you must be aware that sorting and matching games teach the kids organization and are the foundation of the development of mathematical skills in kids.

There are several ways to teach kids how to sort objects. These include educational videos for kids, sorting and matching games and several other ways. But there are some key milestones that are important for the kid’s mental development, visual discrimination, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills.
The key milestones on how to sort objects for kids include the following:

Shaping Up

Use toy sorters with different shaped holes to tell the kids the shapes of triangles, circle and square and how to match them with the corresponding shapes in the sorter. Let the kids experiment with different shapes and learn the right ones.
Learning Colors

When the kids start understanding the shapes its time to teach the colors. You can use different educational videos for kids, games, and books to teach colors. Give the kid a set of different colored rings. It’s a popular toy for teaching colors. Now say the colors out loud and teach the kid to identify them.

Matching Objects
Now give the kids sets of building blocks or different objects. Place six or seven objects in front of the kids and ask them to group together the similar ones. If the kid can do this move them to match blocks of similar shapes, sizes, and colors.
Sorting Objects

This cognitive skill is more complex than matching. Once the kids learn how to sort objects they start to develop the fundamental arithmetic understanding. Create fun activities for the kids. Ask them to sort pineapples, grapes, apples, and strawberries from their fruit cups. Ask them to sort mixed blocks containing triangles, circles, and other such shapes.

Sorting and matching are powerful skills that develop the brains of the kids and pave the pathway for future learning. So it is important to teach them with sorting and matching games without putting a burden on the kid.

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