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  1. I can agree with the game about broccoli. It somehow has no taste but also makes me want to throw up whenever I try and eat it.

  2. Now I'm curious on what they would be like as actual moms

  3. Ok when they wake up that little girl I would have said " WAKE THE FUCK UP"

  4. I hate vegetables they taste like dirt to me but I'll eat it if it's cooked properly.

  5. its weird forcing kids to eat food they dont like. i dont like carrot, so my mum… made other veg food instead! wow! XD

  6. Krism ! You ans your family not having a problem with vegetables probably means you can't taste PTC, or the bitter compound of food!
    – a scientist

  7. Y'all can always make me laugh when I'm having a shit day, luv ya.

  8. I wonder if two lesbians could have a child through cloning.

  9. No kid liked vegetables, you aren't Human

  10. Actually tomato milk exists so maybe tomato milkshake do to.

  11. It’s weird for me, the only broccoli I eat is raw or steamed but only from a certain Chinese restaurant

  12. pausing when they are in mid blink was a mistake

  13. Um minx, I don’t think that’s a joy stick, wink wink nudge nudge

  14. Vegetables and fruit are a really weird thing for me. My nervous system is whack, so sometimes I'll eat a perfectly normal food and my body will act like I tried to eat sand or acid. I manage with sweetcorn and like, leafy greens (uncooked. you cook that shit and it's ruined), and a few other things, but after a while I just gave up testing all the different kinds and took vitamins instead.

  15. An apple and tomatoes and strawberry milkshake ha ha ha he he he ha ha ha

  16. Some babysitter's are there in the early morning to afternoon because of the parents job usually. I babysat my cousin at 5 am and my friend also babysits that early too, because her employer is a doctor.

  17. Lmao I try to never go to McDonald’s. If I’m rushing to work and need breakfast, I’ll order a bacon egg cheese McGriddle , I’ll get a damn sausage McGriddle. If I try to rush to lunch and get a damn filet fish, I look in the bag, it’s a damn sausage McGriddle. If I order a chicken sandwich, oh look a sausage McGriddle. Lmao it’s like they just give us shit they’re trying to get rid of.

  18. I could make a race joke adout likening vegs but I agin't. also pause at 8:44

  19. It's gonna be problematic when you have kids, minxs would be like you don't have to eat your veggies or just throw some cheese on it and krism would just be NAAAAHHHHHEATYOURVEGGIES

  20. If no one else will say it, I will. That pink joystick looks like a dick.

  21. Jesus this is reliving flashbacks. Sides the girl thing and the fact that I am a guy, my mentality was, Something was due next week, I didn't have to work on it till basically last minute. This is reliving odd flashbacks! I would like to hope I wasn't this bratty though :/ I am with Krism on this.. I didn't mind vegetables and even ate the big three nopes in the world. Broccoli, Asparagus, and Brussels Sprouts (I am not fond of this as an adult and was the only one I didn't much care for, but ate anyway) Yeah I don't blame Tink on this one, I don't like plain milk either. I usually like having it in cereal or chai, but plain in the glass milk? No thank you! So yeah, I give Tink a mulligan on that one!

  22. Yeah that happens a lot in America as well. Where people can't even understand the accent of british people, i guess idk but that happens here too

  23. well cheese is a mold so shes not wrong

  24. “Cauliflower is just blind broccoli”. True

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