How is a Children's Game this SCARY?! - xQc Plays THE MIMIC -

How is a Children’s Game this SCARY?! – xQc Plays THE MIMIC

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xQcOW Plays The Mimic on Roblox
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ABOUT: Four stories created from Japanese history and urban legends with a twist. In each book, you will find yourself as different characters venturing into the unknown depths of mysterious worlds.

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  1. Well once when you get used to the jumpscare and plaued it couple of times its easy. You would know where almost everthing is and you wont be scared.

  2. I just love how you can skip through to find every jump scare by seeing how messed up his hair is as you go

  3. Cus it's not a childs game? And the devs are prolly like 20+ yr olds

  4. Bruh ppl think roblox is fully for some kindergarden kids cus they nvr show the good games in their ads and stuff, instead they show the cringe games like adopt me.

  5. listen, not all games in roblox are for childrens. But most of the games that are shown in the roblox ads and homepage are childs games, that's why ppl thought roblox is ONLY full of childs games.

  6. 29:25 when im riding shotgun in my friends car and he starts driving 1 mile above the speed limit

  7. ⇢ 𝔡𝔦𝔯𝔱𝔷𝔞𝔦 ˎˊ˗ says:

    I love how the chat is basically saying juke her and go around her

  8. 32:02 pause there and look at the guy who said "this guy 😕👇".

  9. i just realized this has the little nightmares sound track

  10. I really got triggered at the first maze at chapter 1 when he didn't see the map

  11. Roblox is technically meant for everyone, it's up to developers to make it a horror that's too scary for kids or not

  12. (i only made this comment so i don't have to scroll up and down that much)



    2 weeks ago (edited)

    1:38 got scared by the door??

    6:20 loud noise

    7:00 shadow

    10:15 woman crying + loud noise

    11:14 jumpscare

    12:54 15:06 16:32 lady in maze

    18:05 girl playing the biwa

    20:55 loud noise

    21:18 21:28 statue? starts moving

    22:05 weird music

    23:21 woman hanging from the ceiling jumpscare

    25:45 girl playing the biwa

    25:55 girl's face jumpscare

    28:49 jumpscare

    29:32 woman kills him

    31:25 31:56 Y jumpscare

    34:43 36:50 loud noise

    37:05 40:17 lady

    41:18 noise + head

    41:46 jumpscare

    42:10 new friend

    44:57 45:55 jumpscare

    46:30 noise

    48:25 creature

    51:07 woman jumpscare

    56:10 shadow + loud noise

    59:15 woman kills him

    1:02:45 jumpscare

    1:10:15 dies again

    1:12:26 1:16:24 jumpscare

    1:20:10 creature

    1:26:06 noise

    1:27:00 haA hAA

    1:28:35 1:31:44 1:32:10 man

    1:33:00 1:41:15 1:47:45 noise

    1:47:59 1:48:27 woman

    1:49:56 creature at the window

    1:50:53 1:52:10 1:52:50 1:54:50 1:57:10 1:59:25 1:59:43 2:00:38 2:01:06 killed by creature

  13. Roblox only good games are their fps games because the hitboxes are the player models. Phantom forces for those who like customising the hell out of guns and arsenal for those that like doing the same thing over and over again

  14. im 10 and i was not even a bit scared while playing mimic i think mimic is fun

  15. GUI: “Realm of The Forgotten”

    Xqc: So, real life?

    That is accurate

  16. he rage left because mihari kept killing him lmao, ik what it feels that maze is shitty asf

  17. What's the point of uploading this if you are not going to even finish the fucking game… Wtf

  18. Balding man's scared of children's game, circa 2021

  19. I have beat all the chapters with my BFF when u get use to it it isn’t that scary tbh

  20. is this proof that roblox isnt a children’s game?? 😂

  21. WELL WHAT DO YA KNOW THE BASTARD IS PLAYIN ROBLOX NOW! Have fun man. There are other games.

  22. how did he miss some jumpscares he missed hand jumpscare and they tought its rock pretty much missed so many jumpscares for the viewers saying its not scary yes but it has jumpscare play on compter at night dark volume max then ok

  23. I defeat All nightmare mode if u defeat 1 u can get lantern skin and cool buff

  24. played through the whole thing holy shit its so cancer especially the mazes. but it was fun

  25. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- HAAAA- you dont know my pain playing chapter 4 my guy <3

  26. Im 11 years old and i never screamed at this game dude

  27. lol me and my friends got all chapters on nightmare except 4 like a month ago

  28. someone in chat said "SCARED OF LEGO GAME OMEGALUL"

  29. i finished the mimic with my friends it took about 3 hours on hard mode

  30. I like how he back off little when he knows he is going to get jump scared lmao


  32. isnt this dude the guy that said what language does a italians speak?

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