How is a Children's Game this SCARY?! - xQc Plays THE MIMIC -

How is a Children’s Game this SCARY?! – xQc Plays THE MIMIC

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xQcOW Plays The Mimic on Roblox
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  1. Ngl this game was so un-scary. Might just be cuz i was playing with friends tho

  2. I Like how he is just so annoyed at dying / getting jumpscared, and not actually getting scared

  3. I got more scared by xQc screaming than the actual jumpscares, CHILL BRO! Pffffffffft!

  4. Horror game companies should start hiring more roblox devs

  5. bro when the 4 legged girl person crawling i just do that thing when people get scared like i just want to back up and like the chills and stuff sadasd asDSA Rwerfwf edfsa feawf adsefaewf

  6. recently got back into roblox and my god have the games improved since i last played
    the mimic in particular is the scariest thing i've seen in a while

  7. The mimic wasnt actually scary
    Its just that the ghost are so annoying that it camps the skulls keys and anything that could be camped

  8. The fact that a adult man is kinda scared at this game the mimic really is scariest game.

  9. playing the witch trial mode is really fuking annoying when it's come to the third level which is The duo white ghost litteraly have unlimited stamina lmao

  10. Roblox is a place where some people tend to challenge themselves to make something out of what's supposed to be made into something fucking ridiculous

  11. It’s actually very impressive that he didn’t die during the maze.

  12. damn this schools basement has a hole ass town in it my school doesn't even have a basement

  13. roblox is not that CHILD GAME but it have some child games in it too but like u can play phatom forces is the best shotter game in roblox u should try it out

  14. Twitch chat: pees their pants and has a heart attack
    Twitch chat is more autistic then 4Chan and you cannot debate or prove that wrong

  15. This is one of the less scary games on roblox. Try playing like Roses 🌹 or Dead Silence. Would love to see u play that lol

  16. Before I begin my actual comment, I would like to apologize in advance for my inadequate level of English proficiency. I am not a native speaker of the world's current lingua franca which unfortunately leads to me making numerous embarrassing mistakes being made whenever I attempt to communicate using this language. Whenever I am reminded of how I lack the ability to convey my thoughts in an eloquent manner, I feel as though I have committed a cardinal sin, as though every English teacher in the world is simultaneously shaking their head and sighing due to how utterly disappointed they are at me.

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  17. LOL roblox is not a full children game there is a LOT of scary games

  18. That part where he died 29:33 got me laughing so hard dude I’m dead 😂😂

  19. The chat is very very helpful

  20. Wait until October 1 for the remodels

    I'm terrified now-

  21. Roblox is for Kids and Teenagers under 14-15 maybe.

  22. the scariest part is this went on for two hours LUL

  23. So are we gonna talk about people that says "Roblox is for kids"

  24. tbh there are indeed good horror games on roblox. At first when i played the mimic i was terrified to move but since we kept on playing it, I managed to always do something for the team.

  25. Your just playing one of the horror games that wasn't meant to exist in the children's game

  26. Nothing is scarier than the ghost chasing you and you running out of energy

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