Games With Consequences | Shock Collar Flight Simulator -

Games With Consequences | Shock Collar Flight Simulator

Dude Perfect
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Flight simulator with real world consequences and it gets CRAZY!!
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  1. Thats funny because im young and i have flown a plane

  2. even with a crazy costume the Purple Hoser is still… a Hoser.😞

  3. i bet on their live tour the Purple Hoser is introduced first! 👏……..👏

  4. why wasn't this on their dumb gaming channel?

  5. This is just forced humour. Its just cringe to watch this

  6. Cory just rocking the Canadian Hat over there.

  7. "Colin" county. That's Amazing, where are you?

  8. Ive been wanting to play Flight Sims and these guys get to enjoy it all

  9. This has to be my favorite video on the channel yet

  10. Ty: you need to deliver the pizza to the statue of liberty
    Cory:eats it

  11. Wow this is so underrated. I laughed so hard it made my Monday.

  12. The 911 reference was so It's terrible and must up 9:02 really duo perfect not cool🤬😡

  13. This is the worst dp video ever there is no turbulence in space

  14. I live in nebraska and that is 100 percent true

  15. Love Dude Perfect they are hilarious!! Tyler and Garrett were just having the time of their lives torturing them!!!🤣🤣


  17. meanwhile coby is having the time of his life

  18. Yo he visto este canal desde el 2017 y mira hasta donde han llegado😁

  19. اكو عرب بلطياره ❤️😘👍

  20. it's starting to get very unfunny and childish u guys lost a subscriber

  21. Lukla Airport 🇳🇵
    Lots of love from Nepal

  22. its been 2 years since i checked this channel and m8 how much they've changed, they used to do perfect trickshot in "first try" to this. but im not complaining, im happy they're still together.

  23. Everyone: WOW this is so funny! Airspeed, PAPI lights and flaring: Am I a joke to you?

  24. Hello DP Team. I reach out to you because I need help. I am unemployed and will be homeless soon…. i would love to join your team. I am asking for a job not money. Dont get me wrong…

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