Game Theory: Can Chicken Nuggets SAVE YOUR LIFE?! | Kindergarten -

Game Theory: Can Chicken Nuggets SAVE YOUR LIFE?! | Kindergarten

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KINDERGARTEN – a game filled with the nostalgia of youth. Who doesn’t love reminiscing about buying cigarettes on the playground or convincing the janitor to murder your classmates? No? That’s not normal? I must have had a odd childhood… Anyway, Kindergarten is full of countless ways to die, one of which is falling into the Nugget Cave. Your only solution to avoid this horrible fate? Obviously a pile of chicken nuggets with all their cushiony goodness. But would this actually work? Well, Loyal Theorists, after hours of research and countless nugget taste… I mean field tests, I have the answer!

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  1. me at the end: thats just theory, a ga- hold on, not a game theory, a food theory!

  2. the real question is how did nugget even get all that money??

  3. Delt spicy gaming fun videos and fun time (: 💯 says:

    Kindergarten 2

  4. You made a video. About kindergarten, which is full of lore, AND YOU PICK CHICKEN NUGGETS SAVING OUR LIFE?!

  5. Well nugget must be stealing kindergarten nuggets and store it in the cave but not the amount that you can survive like 340750000 and keeping 500000 with him

  6. But…Nugget's nuggets aren't made of chicken, everyone assumes that. Nugget's nuggets are made of FRIENDSHIP

  7. I Just Watched The Physics Of Nuggets

  8. i 5th grade and i will know more than my class .-. 🙂 ;3 :3

  9. Evil Nugget has enjoyed this theory.

  10. I would like to see Austin re do the SCIENCE! of this episode in more detail 😀

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