Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10 'The Children' REACTION!! (PART 1) -

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10 ‘The Children’ REACTION!! (PART 1)

Nikki & Steven React
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Jon Snow makes an important decision. Daenerys Targaryen sufferers the consequences of her actions and Cersei Lannister drops a bomb on her Father Tywin Lannister. Here’s part 1 of our reaction to season 4, episode 10 of #GameOfThrones.


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  1. Love your channel. Going all your game of thrones episodes. I like seeing your reactions

  2. People don't like it when you say yuck after an old guy kisses a 14/15 yo? I think that is pretty yuckworthy

  3. With LF, it's not just age, it's obsession with Catelyn Stark: he couldn't get her, now he's trying to get her daughter, esp., as he said, she looks like her mom

  4. 15:10 I watched GOT at least 6 times, with friends, alone, girlfriend and with different reactors and that actor gets to me every time. That guy needs recognition. It's a great scene.

  5. i started watching your channel about a week ago and i've been watching all the episodes you react to. you guys are funny! i like that the guy, sorry i dont know your names.. guesses so many things right. thanks!

  6. I am a new subscriber …Y'all are awesome!!! love your channel 🙂

  7. 9:14 You should have recognised the theme playing when their army showed up 😀

  8. YOU GUYS ARE THE CUTEST!!!!!!! I have been watching these videos all weekend, and I’m so glad you did reactions to the older seasons. Seriously, Nikki, I adore you and your sweet heart! 💕

  9. That scene with the dragons being put underground, and chained…. is one of the most gut wrenching moments for any of the animal lovers ~ I totally gotchu, it's one of the only parts I could never rewatch ='(

    … theres a few more but.. lol…

  10. Stannis was the king who fought his own battles.

  11. Fight scene in the woods awesome & when she realizes it was her dragons that killed the kid
    Also when she had 2 lock them up & hearing them cry as the door closed behind her😭 but Nikki NEEDS her tissues great work as always Nikki and Steven

  12. I just finished season 4 deffo the strongest season so far 🤙🏻

  13. I had to skip through where Dany locked up her 2 babies. That is heart wrenching hearing them cry out for her. I can tell they were screaming “MOM NO! DON’T LEAVE US ON HERE! MOM!”

  14. Is it weird that i used to vote for Littlefinger and Sansa to rule? 🙂

    I really like Littlefinger because he arranged most conflicts in GoT when he wasn’t even a high lord like he didn’t even have as much power as Cersei but look at all the things he did!
    and Sansa kinda learn how to “play the game” through him.

  15. That one scene with dany and her dragons is my one scene I can not rewatch….

  16. And it was all down hill after this episode

  17. Conversation with my brother after I watched this episode.

    My brother: You upset about Shay?
    Me: Well yes, but I’m more upset about Daenerys abandoning her dragons! 😢
    My brother: Oh my god 😒

    But seriously though! How come she can’t train them not to go after children? They don’t know better unless their mother teaches them! That’s what makes me sad!

  18. Darn I can't even hear the conversations on the show. you have it turned on too low. And I can't turn it up because people are sleeping and your voice is three times as loud as the show

  19. Im watching all these for the first time because were all on lockdown and if you hadn't seen any of these Steven why did you say Jon had kingsblood no one knew that at this point i did have suspicions that you had seen more than you were letting on

  20. So youre telling me the woman who locked up her dragons for one death is the kinda woman who would burn a city and all its people…. nah the ending will never be accepted by me, god I hate how they ruined this amazing show!

  21. "Why aren't they killing Jon on sight?" because he's clearly not a threat, he has no-one with him. And in war oftentimes two sides will meet to talk, war isn't about killing people, it's done for a reason

  22. 9:45 I think Melisandre meant the wights and Walkers, not Manse. Manse is just in the way. Or maybe Stannis did think this is what she meant, but I believe Melisandre knew she was talking about the army of the dead.

  23. The wildlings are no match for an army… They're only capable to attack defenseless poor villagers, they're only good for that.. A proper army with armors and siege weapons can slaughter them like pigs.

  24. Omg! U had 6 hundred and 66 comments. I couldn't leave it there, it bothered me

  25. I feel bad for Viserion and Rhaegal, they took the punishment for Drogon's actions, though it's entirely possible they may end up doing the same thing and this was necessary, even though this will eventually greatly affect their survival

  26. The night watch's worst enemy… global warming.

  27. I think Tywin already knew about cersei and Jaime…. He's no fool

  28. these guys are couples goals.

  29. Nikki s got tha prettiest face…im hooked😊

  30. Sorry,
    I HAD to cut the reaction short.
    Stopping at 16:03
    Which was already too late.
    Still, I CAN'T rewatch that.

  31. In this episode, Jon meets Mance to negotiate terms. He goes on his own accord with the attempt to kill Mance. In the books, Jon is forced to be the messenger because everyone still thinks him to be a traitor. They know Jon would likely be killed but they send him anyway.

  32. If you study history of the old worlds (in real life) slavery was treated differently in different regions. In the U.S., it was evil. In other parts of the world, their slaves were treasured and treated like family, taken care of gently in their old age. But definitely not in the U.S. and probably most of the other countries. It was a specific culture and not the norm.

  33. I watched this episode two years ago.

    “She loves you. All she ever talked about was killing you. That’s how I know.”

    Hearing that quote in this video made me cry my eyes out, but I don’t know why.

  34. A Parent needs to discipline their children when they stray.

  35. Seems I’m the only person who wasn’t in the least affected by this scene. They aren’t her ‘babies’ 🤣 they’re killing machines. And they murdered a little girl. The end.

  36. Steven: "he also has king's blood"
    Me, screaming inside my head; "YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH"😂

  37. So nobody gets informed, when a child of a well known family knocks on the door of the Eerie?

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