Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10 Reaction! - The Children -

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10 Reaction! – The Children

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Original Show: Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10

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  1. i forgot about all the crazy shit they fit in this episode 😭😭😭 LMFAOO

  2. season 4 is a masterpiece season 5 is really dark season 6 is probably 2nd best

  3. Don't listen to those people. The show is great right up until the last 2-3 episodes. I just ignore them. U may possibly still like them, idk.

  4. 16:30 there not new they were talking about them in the first season they were the people who prayed to the trees and showed the first men how to there also the ones who craved the faces into the trees

  5. Battlestar Galactica (2004) next would be dope! Just know it starts with the 4 part mini-series.

  6. It doesnt matter if Mountain dies now. Oberyn died before him, and according to the Trail by Combat law, its the man who dies first. So Tyrion was already doom, the moment the trail was over. Thats why Jaime set him free. What comes later it doesnt make any sense. Tyrion went to confront Tywin. He already knew his father hate him. So why risk his possible freadom and life. I just wish they had kept the real reason Tyrion went to the tower. It would made more sense, specially after Tywin call whore and Tyrion said dont call her that! or something like that! The book reason is more dark and actually is fitting.
    Some fans of the books fail to understand that not everything can goes into the show, and thats why several plots are cut off. I dont mind about certain events in the show if they made sense. Theres a specific plot in show, that eventually people will talk, that doesnt make sense inside the show. That is something i dont like.

  7. Season 4 is peak GOT. I remember waiting for every episode like crazy

  8. Fun Fact – This episode was originally aired on a Father's Day 😜 Gotta love that!

  9. The hound only lost against Brienne because he was injured
    I’m still pisses about forgetting Tysha’s confession it ruined Tyrion and Jaime arcs
    Tyrion is so dark after this in the books in the show he is the same character

  10. I believe that Tyrion probably just wanted to talk to his father, thinking he was just gonna be in his bedchambers, because Tyrion didn't think to get any sort of weapon before going into that room. Seeing Shae in there changed everything for him, it really cemented her betrayal against him, and it made clear to him the hipocracy that Tywin had. After that, yeah he was just done. It was time for vengence.

  11. FYI, Brieanne never beats the Hound in the books. GRRM has also stated she couldn't beat him at that point in the story.

  12. I believe Tormund and Ygritte to be at least 2nd cousins. My only evidence is their seeming closeness, Tormund having strong feelings about her burial, and of course them both being redheads.

  13. S4 is peak GoT in terms of character and writing. The VFX will improve over the seasons though. ^^
    Note: They didnt call Oberyn Martell "the viper" for nothing. 😉

  14. There's a bunch of vids we as viewers and GOT fans tend to forget to mention to reactors like you. And those videos are the GOT lore and history which you are able to find on YouTube. They explain who and what the children are, the Mad King and the Targaryean rule etc. I'm not sure if its safe to see all of them due to possible spoilers but I'm sure you can view the ones that explain about the Children, the First Men.

  15. Prince Oberyn is called "The viper of dorne" because he poisons his blades.

  16. The Best season was 6, don't allow people lie to you

  17. Thanks for yet another season! Great last episode with a few major clifhangers; makes you want to watch the next season right away. Imagine you had to wait a year for the next one; luckily this wasn't the case for me.
    Good fortune on the season(s) to come!
    Regards from the Netherlands.

  18. So we are all on the same page, if the Hound was 100% he wins that fight

  19. What is so brilliant about this show (and the books) is that major characters can die in EPIC ways saving people or the WORLD!!!!! Or…on the toilet 😀 like you just never know. Great reaction man. Can't wait to see what you think of season 5 and 6.

  20. Arya had the best arc in the series until….well, you know.

  21. In the books Martin elaborates on the fact that Tyrion shot Tywin in the bowels causing him to evacuate himself. He drives it home with the line: "Lord Tywin Lannister, did not, in the end sh*t gold".

  22. One of my fav episodes of television ever!

  23. Of all the letters that Maester Aemon sent, most never found their way, but one did. One found Dragonstone, one found Stannis and a King that still cared.

  24. Best episode of the entire show. Only flaw it had was Cersei telling Tywin which made no sense.

  25. 11:15 it was Drogon that killed the sheep and it was him that killed the kid again
    Drogon is the biggest and he's out of control and she locks up the other two…
    that was a dumb move

  26. The fact that Shae dies at the hands of a Lannister , but it's Tyrion Lannister….is such an irony. Who in the earlier seasons didn't worry about Shae being killed by Cersei, Tywin, etc., pretty much all the Lannisters except Tyrion.

  27. A couple things:
    – those were wights who attacked Bran & company when trying to enter the cave. But the white walkers powers that animate the wights don’t work inside the cave.
    – Arya didn’t kill the hound because she didn’t want to be the one to kill him. She grew to like and enjoy him. I think you got that confused a bit.

  28. @10:37 A slave actually ruled over the Ottoman Empire as regent for a certain time

  29. When I saw Shae in his bed, my thought was "oh…..oh no….people are going to die"

  30. I think even if the Mountain died later, he still would be considered the winner (as Oberyn died on the field of battle) even though through time, it would appear to then be a draw lol

  31. It should be noted that Arya took a liking, or at least some understanding, of the Hound. Days before similar yet different evens in the books, she stopped saiying the Hound in her list of people to kill before she fell asleep.

  32. Great reaction to a great episode of TV! Keep going! Don’t let the naysayers make you stop

  33. For me, Seasons 5 and 6 are epic. This is just the season when the tides turn on characters that were winning. Starting with Joffrey.

    The actor that was Joffrey did get threats, but mostly because he wanted to go to college and get his doctrine. I believe he is wanting to be a professor. Apparently he is brilliant.

    Shae was an opportunist who survives. She knew what she was doing. Noone was defending her in the comments. Trust and believe that lots of people have Tyrion as their favorite.

    When those wites popped out of the snow and attacked Jojen and them…I was freaking out. I hate zombies. And I felt so sad about Jojen. Mostly because he already knew he was supposed to die. Horrible.

    Varys wasn't going to leave until he heard the church bells warning of a royal death. Tyrion forced his hand and he had to flee too, in fear of being found out.

  34. 9:00 His pride stopped him from believing the rumours in my opinion.

  35. 11:30 Quite ironic the breaker of chains is chaining up her own dragons/children. You know what's more fucked? The 2 dragons she chained up isn't even the ones who did it.

    I feel sorry for them man I will always hate her for doing that I understand it but I never liked it.

  36. 15:46 "wtf who are you bitch? You couldn't do that 10 seconds sooner?"

    my man newt from maze runner, noooo

    Shit had me rolling 😂😂

  37. 20:05 Yeah that goodbye is so sad man someone cutting onions 😭😭

    Jamie stays loyal to Tyrion gotta respect him man he's the only one of his family that loves him.

  38. I was so happy when Tyrion killed Tywin he was a good character, but God I'm glad it was Tyrion who killed him.

    The ultimate insult killed on the toilet by the dwarf son he hated.

  39. Twyin being with Shae makes him such a hypocrite he always judged Tyrion for being with Whores and yet he does the same.

  40. Hyped for Aryas Braavos story to begin she has come such a long way.

  41. Always breaks my heart seeing the dragons chained and punished for their bros mistake. Im positive Drogon didnt intend to kill that child, he must of been careless while burning some goats or sheep, or the young child ran to close to the animals without realising danger. Drogon may be in his rebellious tee years but he is also a very intelligent creature whos shown they dont just kill people for nothing.

  42. Dude, maybe chill with the “bitch”. Might I suggest that instead of saying it 50 times , maybe just cut it to every other time when you feel tempted. Plus, Melisandre doesn’t deserve your hate…


    I don’t use the word but I used to do it to women I disliked, but then I actually took about about 5 minutes to think about it and I changed.

    Also, calling a cowardly man a “woman”? Think about it! Are you really saying that cowering during a difficult event is “womanly”? Wouldn’t that just be a cowardly man? Don’t be afraid of insulting men for what they are.

  43. Tywin Lannister's Father, Tytos, is who gave the Cleganes their house and title as a reward for saving his life from a lion.

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