Fun English games every beginner ESL preschool teacher should know when starting -

Fun English games every beginner ESL preschool teacher should know when starting

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Fun English games every beginner ESL preschool teacher should know when starting

Mooncake English has everything you need providing weekly ESL games, English games and English flashcard games for kids. If you’re looking for flashcard games for esl beginners then this video is for you! Flashcard games for ESL kids can be hard to find, especially fun esl flashcard games. But Mooncake has not only fun ESL flashcard games for kids but English games for esl learners. So your search for flashcard games for ESL learners and easy flashcard games for ESL learners is over!

For more easy classroom games for esl learners be sure to check out some of my other easy classroom games for esl kids videos!

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  1. Hi! I'm Russian from Azerbaijan, teaching English in Turkey 🤪😅😅😅 this is my first experience. Your videos are very helpful. Thanks a lot 😘

  2. Real content starts at 1:13, past all the useless, time-wasting bells and whistles

  3. Екатерина Анташкова says:

    Thanks a lot for your work! I’m at the beginning of me teaching and these videos are really helpful!

  4. Hi, i am Afni from Malaysia. I love this video. Got some new skills how to engage with kids and how to improve kid's memory. Thank you for sharing this video.

  5. I have been working with kids since 2008 but really I enjoy your way of teaching

  6. I simply love the way you show how to teach in a funny, interesting and to me innovative way . Thank you so much. It`s so simple and brilliant at the same time. Greetings from Poland

  7. I tried to explain the rules of Simon says to a couple of 4-5 y.olds, they didn't get it!

  8. Hi teaching in Turkey . Nice work thank you

  9. Hi I am a teacher in nursery class in Pakistan.

  10. Hi. Teaching in Austria for the first time this week

  11. All these 5 games are "must have' in Evroschool (Tuymen, Russia). Just classic and useful.

  12. These are the coolest 5. Thank you again, Jema. I usually switch Simon with my name. So I go, “Cici says…”

  13. Very helpful. Not a new ESL teacher. But I never really have game ideas. Your whole channel is great. Might have to do a video a day for a while.

  14. Hey, I'm Dasha, teaching in Qazaqstan. The video was super helpful

  15. I like the up and down flash card game. That could really help the students speak louder or softer 😂👍

  16. Helpful 👍👍 I'm a teacher from Sweden who just found your channel! Great stuff ❤️

  17. Goooooood😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  18. Omg countine with these nice ideas,,lam a new teacher and lam so happy 😍😍

  19. Hello I'm Anna I'm teaching English in Poland kids from 3 to 12

  20. Hi, I'm from Alexandria, Egypt. So, this year I'm teaching grade 1. I used to teach grade 2 and 3 who were already adjusted to school and more advanced which makes me worried about working with first graders. The students of grade 1 who I'm gonna teach are very good and they're developed language wise as they do well in oral and listening skills. But their written and reading skills are still behind. I wonder if you could suggest games that involve some writing or reading?

  21. Thank you very much! Nice, easy and fun for small kids! Helpful for me!

  22. Hi, I’m from São Paulo, Brazil 🇧🇷

  23. Hi I have studied tefl and teyl but yet still have not found a job abroad

  24. Hi. I am not a new teacher – I have already 12 years of experience, but! It's never to learn something new!! I am from Russia – teaching preschool kids in Omsk, Siberia.

  25. I'm studying in University to become an ESL teacher.

  26. I hope you enjoyed this video on fun English games every beginner ESL preschool teacher should know when starting. For teacher resources and more ESL teaching tips, be sure to check out

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