Food Theory: The Dark History of McDonaldland (McDonalds) -

Food Theory: The Dark History of McDonaldland (McDonalds)

The Food Theorists
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We’ve covered McDonald’s a few times on this channel and this will likely not be the last. Theorists, have you ever heard of McDonaldland, the McDonald’s theme park? Yes, a real place where you could go hang out with Ronald McDonald, the Hamburglar, Grimace, and the rest. Think of it like a Disney but for a fast food chain… because that was exactly what McDonald’s was trying to rip off. It is time to open the greasy wrapper of a part of McDonald’s dark history that they want you to forget.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Josh Langman, Dan “Cybert” Seibert, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  1. Pls do a "cereal with the longest crunch time" or "which cereal gets soggy the quickest"

  2. I like how Matapat is telling us about this when its not a theory…

  3. There_is_no_light_at_the_end_only_Me says:

    i like to torment the people that work at mcdonalds by buying 50 dollars worth of dollar menu items

  4. Hey random idea how long could you live off of a diet of only bananas

  5. Man i want the big gulp but in mexico IT COST SO MUCH!

  6. Elder millenial here. I remember our towns McDonald's had a play ground. I dont really remember it well, but once it was closed down we had a brand new McDonald's across town that had a Shiney new play place.

  7. welcome to mcdonalds, do you want a fucking beesechurger?

  8. McDonald's secrets should be called


  9. I'm still curious about this question I've had for a while. "How long can a McDonald's big mac stay shelf stable by itself (no freezing)?"

  10. Matt can you do a vid on if BBQ chicken and Buffalo chicken pizzas are actually pizza I'm trying to make a point to my mom

  11. Hey MatPat, now that this channel exists are we finally going to get an Omega Mart Theory.

  12. This somehow isn’t a theory, but feels so much like one… I’m convinced you’ve brainwashed me matt

  13. “Now today’s sponser”
    Me who hates sponsors: closes the video

  14. I think google is spying on me, cause during this video I got a McDonald's Add…

  15. I used to love the Mcdonalds characters, actually. 🤣
    Chuck E Cheese? NOOOOOOOOO.
    The Hamburgler was always my favorite, also the lil nuggets.
    The Professor always made me laugh. 🙃
    Do I have a clown fear? No. Animatronics? Ehhhhhhhh. I have a fear more relating to child-sized dolls.
    Specific, I know. 🙄
    I'm more likely to throw out a porcelain doll than a Grimace statue, lol.

  16. this isn't game theory what is nugget doing in you're intro

  17. Not gonna lie……. My family had every single McDonald vhs . In my defense my mom owned a daycare and it was a kid friendly show to let the babies watch in down time but still.

  18. I don’t believe this stuff i proved to my mom there is no frickin pink stuff in the burgers or McNuggets like so stop doing this stuff plesse I don’t think this is all true I like McDonald’s and I have never gotten sick from eating those nuggets so there is no goo and I don’t think that the characters are scary- anyways bye

  19. This history is very biased from the point of view of a five nights at Freddy's lore enthusiast

  20. After this imma watch an anime where the devil works at McDonald’s bc he is out of Magic to get back home and need to live like a human for a while
    (All while a teen co-worker is crushing on him)

  21. Wait Y’all should make Music Theory a thing!!!
    You have gaming and movie and even food!!! Do MUSIC!!!!!

  22. hey mat I never to McDonald's because I never trusted it

  23. Ripoff?

    According to the courts, Captain Marvel ripped off Superman, yet we still got Marvel's Gladiator a mere two decades later.

    Mcdonaldland was a heck of a lot more distinct than, say, literally every arcade game that tried cashing in on the Pac-Man craze. Or all the Doom clone's years later.

    And what about Sesame Street? What about The Muppets? They're magical lands with fantastical characters too. And Seasme Street even has a theme park!

  24. thank you mat pat i wached hr pufnstuf all the time as a kid and you just brought back so many good memories

  25. McDonaldland looks like nightmare fuel. I'm not surprised when it comes to the founder of Mc Donalds. And I did watch the movie, makes me wonder more of what dark secrets the guy has.

  26. Good Food Theory Video Idea Could scooby and shaggy beat a professional eater?

  27. Can you do a theory called “Is Zaxby’s a ripoff of Guthrie’s?”

  28. I still own two of the McDonald vhs tapes, they are really weird.

  29. this smacks of the whole Baby Peanut debacle after the success of Baby Yoda. did brands just rediscover the value of mascots, only this time turn the cuteness and large-eyedness of it all up to eleven?

  30. I just got a 30 minute ad while i was watching

  31. Food theory: do pineapple eat you alive?

  32. Rosanna Pansino as a guest in food theory anyone?


  34. Food theory idea is it actually possible to cook an egg on the sidewalk

  35. Food theory idea that occurred to me while rewatching the GT Live playthrough of kindergarten 2.
    What is the best food to use in a food fight? Based on things like accuracy, mess factor and the slap factor when it hits your opponent.
    Hope you guys see this 😁

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