Dog ALMOST DROWNS, Kids SAVE HIS LIFE | FamousTubeFamily -

Dog ALMOST DROWNS, Kids SAVE HIS LIFE | FamousTubeFamily

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  1. Make more video for us and by the way we love you 😘

  2. Omggggg I just realized me and keisha have the same birthday 🥳 have birthday

  3. Guys I hope your dog is ok I want your dog to be ok

  4. Your biggest fan times two kids I will click the first described in 321 OK

  5. Dojo

  6. That’s why you said the dogs in the pool dogs you don’t know how to swim

  7. I always loved your YouTube channel. U the best fam I have ever seen on YouTube and I have two phones and I subscribed to you guys because I love yalll hope u have the best year ever love you 😘😘

  8. You can't say OMG you got to say o my guess 🤕🙄😒😶😐🤐🤨😇

  9. I am so sleepy now if it isn't the most fun for them girl but she is very comfortable to keep Whispersync up at Solomon but my dad

  10. Oh yes thats correct awwww that puppy

  11. Hs guy sgawg good day he games huh he said say vs he was

  12. LOVE YOU FAMILY!!! Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications! ❤️
    What skits do you want to see next??

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