Combat! S05E06 - A Child's Game 4/4 -

Combat! S05E06 – A Child’s Game 4/4

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  1. It is not even need to say that the Germans are 16 years old .
    Because Korean student soldiers fought with North Korean Communists in Korean War in 1950 ,of whom there were even 14 years old of little boys for whom Korea came to be a developed country whose personal income is 30 thousand dollars .

  2. To me, one of the big flaws in this otherwise excellent series was that they never seemed to advance through France & into Germany which in reality happened reasonably quickly.
    Another was that over the course of the series, at least some of the characters (particularly Saunders, Caje & the Lt) should have gained at least one rank.
    Neither of which takes away from the fact that this was an excellent piece of early to mid 60s television.

  3. A Little View of what was the tragedy of the 12 Panzer división hitlerjugend.In june 1944 12000 young soldiers of the división reach the Normandy front líne in the end of August they we're only 200

  4. Capt.Kirk would have said, Mister, time to face the consequences!

  5. One of the best shows ever I am 42 and used to watch reruns my farther is 67 and he watched it when he was a kid better then some of the woke garbage out there now

  6. Meh, minor wardrobe gaffe, the camouflage cloth helmet cover wasn't worn in the ETO. GI's operating in that theatre generally used the net covers or, more often than not, no helmet covers at all.

  7. Vic Morrow was my hero growing up in the Caribbean , Saturday night after the news 1967-68 .

  8. My Dad was in Vietnam. He said you couldn't even trust the kids. The Vietcong would give a kid a live grenade and tell him to go give it to G.I. War sucks.

  9. I wonder if Germany censored COMBAT on their TV stations. The Germans might get tick off! ,😠😨😱

  10. A very good production that illustrates a moral construct which exist only in theatre.

  11. The young can be easy mis lead to give up there life for a lost cause Hitler young were mis lead by a bunch a psychopath killers noting but cowards with mental problems thanks to those great man generation of soldiers in America and ingland that they stop those bastards

  12. コンバットはわたしが10歳の頃からのテレビでいつも、学校帰りに見るのが楽しみの、番組でした。今までは、なつかしいし、サンダース軍曹がカッコイイです。

  13. Back in the real world the Americans and French deliberately starved 2.2m German POWs to death in the Rhineland Meadows. Even Patton spoke out about the atrocity but he was silenced.

  14. No sirven esa peñiculad mucho

  15. I did not like the ending. There are so many other heart warming suggestions. I would have liked the young Nazi to hug Saunders like a Father and let it all out.

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