Combat! S05E06 - A Child's Game 4/4 -

Combat! S05E06 – A Child’s Game 4/4

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  1. ??? I thought Saunders got hit earlier ??? Guess he's a fast healer, lol….

  2. thank you,I love this show,our last honorable war,with the enemy in his own uniform

  3. A good episode. By the end of the war the Nazis were scrapping the bottom of their manpool.  …And if that german kid had been shot in the leg with an m-1 he sure wouldn't be walking around.

  4. Saw a short film of Hitler in Berlin, '45, padding some 12 year old kid on the head while giving him a medal for knocking out Russian Tanks. Yes they used children. Why? Cause the Nazi deeds of mass murder were so great they KNEW it was either fight or die (or at least use children to die.) Hitler saw what happened to Mussolini and didn't want that kind of end for himself either. So they brainwashed kids to fight. What a bunch of bastards.

  5. Just so Hitler destroyed an entire generation using the Hitler Youth organization.

  6. Is it just me or does Dieter look like a young Tony Danza ???

  7. For a moment there, @3:35 , I thought someone was going to get a hug.

  8. war is a Business for the powerful nations and we as a ignorant fights for something that we never know

  9. The sarge shows some compassion toward the leader and he says I failed, Sarge puts his hand on his shoulder and looks at him to say sorry but u lost This was a grest episode, Men vs kids 👍👌🙂💪

  10. Are you people nuts? War is not humane! This is just a really great World War II television series from the late 1950’s to the 1960s.
    I used to watch it with my Dad who was a Sargent in the European theatre of operations.
    He almost never spoke about it, and you know as his child I asked a lot of questions.
    He has always owned guns and taught his children to respect them and how to use them.
    Always live by God’s Ten Commandments or you are just an animal walking around on two legs.

  11. I like that theme song from Combat. Vic Morrow and Rick Jason, RIP.

  12. Man who did the German uniforms Mickey mouse? Terrible

  13. Любимый убежал и сразу в слёзы! Плакса! Свинец ему в зад! Поганцу! А так – херня херней!

  14. Wow, those soldiers had some wonderful grooming. Hair prefect and not a bit of dirt on their face.

  15. Vic Morrow – movie war hero. He was able to shoot down 20 germans single handed on a frontal assult with his tommy gun. Notice they don't show reruns of Combat cause the Germans will be offended.

  16. Pura fantasia.
    A realidade da juventude hitlerista foi outra. Eles foram doutrinados desde os cinco anos de idade pelos nazistas para morrer por Hitler.
    Os jovens lutavam até a morte ou só se rendiam após o último cartucho de munição.

  17. What Sarge should have replied to the kid at the end was: "You kept your men alive. That is not failure."

  18. In todays time what If those kids are ISIS what will happen?….

  19. War has no limits it's either you kill or get killed and the worst, you became a captive

  20. Thanks Germany for giving us your scientists that put man on the moon
    Thank you for
    Electronic telescope
    Jet fighter
    The first assault rifle
    Night vision
    Ballistic missile
    Radar guided rocket
    Stahlhelm used by most modern armies.
    Russel Hobbs
    Tape recorder that removed reverse bias
    Chemical warfare
    Fee free to add

    How the hell did the allies win war……

  21. Sarge is wearing a Marine Corp camo helmet cover.

  22. I did not like the ending. There are so many other heart warming suggestions. I would have liked the young Nazi to hug Saunders like a Father and let it all out.

  23. No sirven esa peñiculad mucho

  24. Back in the real world the Americans and French deliberately starved 2.2m German POWs to death in the Rhineland Meadows. Even Patton spoke out about the atrocity but he was silenced.

  25. コンバットはわたしが10歳の頃からのテレビでいつも、学校帰りに見るのが楽しみの、番組でした。今までは、なつかしいし、サンダース軍曹がカッコイイです。

  26. The young can be easy mis lead to give up there life for a lost cause Hitler young were mis lead by a bunch a psychopath killers noting but cowards with mental problems thanks to those great man generation of soldiers in America and ingland that they stop those bastards

  27. A very good production that illustrates a moral construct which exist only in theatre.

  28. I wonder if Germany censored COMBAT on their TV stations. The Germans might get tick off! ,😠😨😱

  29. My Dad was in Vietnam. He said you couldn't even trust the kids. The Vietcong would give a kid a live grenade and tell him to go give it to G.I. War sucks.

  30. Vic Morrow was my hero growing up in the Caribbean , Saturday night after the news 1967-68 .

  31. Meh, minor wardrobe gaffe, the camouflage cloth helmet cover wasn't worn in the ETO. GI's operating in that theatre generally used the net covers or, more often than not, no helmet covers at all.

  32. One of the best shows ever I am 42 and used to watch reruns my farther is 67 and he watched it when he was a kid better then some of the woke garbage out there now

  33. Capt.Kirk would have said, Mister, time to face the consequences!

  34. A Little View of what was the tragedy of the 12 Panzer división hitlerjugend.In june 1944 12000 young soldiers of the división reach the Normandy front líne in the end of August they we're only 200

  35. To me, one of the big flaws in this otherwise excellent series was that they never seemed to advance through France & into Germany which in reality happened reasonably quickly.
    Another was that over the course of the series, at least some of the characters (particularly Saunders, Caje & the Lt) should have gained at least one rank.
    Neither of which takes away from the fact that this was an excellent piece of early to mid 60s television.

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