Club Penguin: How fans turned Disney’s children’s game toxic - BBC News -

Club Penguin: How fans turned Disney’s children’s game toxic – BBC News

BBC News
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During the pandemic, unofficial fan-run versions of a children’s game called Club Penguin surged in popularity.

But a BBC investigation found one site to be a breeding ground for “e-sex”, racism, bullying and anti-Semitism.

Disney is now threatening legal action to get the site and all other Club Penguin clones shut down, and one man has been arrested on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children.

Cyber-security reporter Joe Tidy reports.

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  1. “This former volunteer administrators club penguin online” – otherwise known as a fat virgin

  2. Pretty sure this was how people acted back in the day online. All that would happen is you'd get banned, make a new account and then repeat the process.

  3. 😂😂 this report actually made me want to play club penguin 🐧

  4. Basically its meepcity nowadays

  5. Part of me missed Club Penguin. Playing it back in 2017 🙂 great memories!
    Now That I’ve seen what it’s become.
    Im not coming back…
    Thank you for ruining one of Disney’s best games.
    Chaos. And the Avengers endgame of Club penguin

  6. “I even saw an igloo that said the n word spelled with chairs”

    That was definitely the kid at the back of history

  7. Lol they should just add a chat filter, not roblox level where saying numbers is illegal but just basic things like swear words

    This feels like a vice interview lol “at one point I was invited to someone’s igloo. There they spelled the n-word in chairs”

  8. me IRN what……………………………………………………………………………HOW…………………

  9. “It’s like Game of Thrones, but with penguins”
    We need a penguin game of thrones NOW

  10. So their solution was to turn it into an awful extreme pay to win mobile game that way no one besides actual children could stand it for more than 5 minutes.

  11. It’s not exactly Disney’s game since they only bought it, also club penguin island was basically locked behind a paywall which pops up everyone month

  12. 3:13 boy better stfu dudes like 12 😮‍💨 Go play fortnight

  13. Interesting report. On the one hand, the internet is a wild west and you should beware the murky side of it and on the other this is generally just a shame and I wouldn't take pity on the mods if Disney threatened legal action since they own the IP / copyright.

  14. Mostly boomers And nazi have taking over club penguin grown azz men that hate themselves that's what happen

  15. This just reminds me of Four Lions using Club Penguin for planning terror attacks, also this was discovered and explored by SOG and others

  16. Hence, why Club Penguin Rewritten exists! So this stuff doesn't happen!

  17. This is hilarious lol. Its a bunch of immature 15 year olds not some cult or terrorist organisation.

  18. What is really sad is that BBC is financed by the robbed money from british people. How immature are the so called journalists that work for this awful "company".

  19. This explains CPRewritten’s very strong restrictions.

  20. now i understand why the game sucks now and i got banned in 2 seconds from saying something wrong when i figured it was just not let me say it but it banned me and i quit

  21. oh i remember club penguin but i got banned from it

  22. Every game woll never be innocent bc there will always be that small group of people who ruin it and try kidnapping with it as well

  23. Overdramatic Boom sound effects and featuring a youtuber whose name is an egg, this is the most BBC thing yet.

  24. Bruh this dumb why literally make a gang to destroy club penguin like JUST HANG OUT AND CHILL THIS IS CLUB PENGUIN NOT WORLD WAR 2.

  25. Hold up, this reporter met a 14 year old on discord? Bruh you should be the one getting reported on here wtf

  26. My child hood

  27. I remember playing this on my old Windows 7😂😂

  28. I joined a private sever on accident and my life dropped

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