China Limits Video Games To ‘Protect The Children’ -

China Limits Video Games To ‘Protect The Children’

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China is limited gaming for minors to three hours per week in a newfound effort to blame video game addiction for everything.

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  1. China: We must protect our children from video games!

    Person: But don't you oppress muslims and other minorities?

    China: …

  2. Most of adult Chinese support this policy. Lets see the real effect ten or more years later. No matter you like it or not, most of CCP's policy after 1980s have been proved to be overall postive.

  3. There are people who are addicted to communism there are people that are addicted to breathing air

  4. Since when did the Chinese Government cared people’s health

  5. Unlike us China doesn't have freedom. They are a communist country.

  6. Takes away entrainment and holds them in place to wear their phyci down, sounds like America right now with the pandemic.

  7. Takes away entrainment and holds them in place to wear their phyci down, sounds like America right now with the pandemic.

  8. My life changed forever after I took my first hit of Flintstone gummies

  9. Idk about you guys but if your kid spends too much time on video games, that's bad parenting is all.

    People are blaming kids for lack of self control. Idk what they are expecting from the SELF CONTROL of a KID. What's next, babies cannot cry and run around anymore?

  10. It’s clear to see here video game addiction is a side effect of having a tyrannical government. Who wouldn’t want an escape

  11. 中国防沉迷就是个笑话,只会逼着人往STEAM跑,中国游戏迟早玩蛋(China anti-addiction is a joke, will only force people to STEAM run, Chinese games sooner or later play eggs)

  12. In India the government banned the pubg mobile game for 1 year because of addiction problems. Pubg mobile is we’re popular in India.

  13. People in my country surprisingly support this, I still remember that incident when a kid stole his mom's credit card to top up diamonds on mobile legends and free fire, he spent $1000 on them, now the parents are still figuring out how to pay the debt

  14. Finally my games will stop being so competitive 😂

  15. Don’t be suprised if a lot of families move to USA or where ever they don’t have restrictions

  16. new like this make me proud of living outside of china

  17. Isn’t this the same country that will abort kids if there is a third one? Kinda weird how they say they wanna protect the kids

  18. This video is pointless. It’s China. We are talking about China. They do whatever they want and they do not care what people think.

  19. That’s rough, picked up the division 2 and just getting to the end of the story and have 24+ hours. Imagine playing a long story game like that in China as a kid.

  20. When you can’t control your kids so you get the government to do it

  21. maybe now the gaming industry will stop catering to china.

  22. Games are a thing of the past to be honest, nobody plays them anymore.

  23. Well if parents in the us would actually be parents kids wouldnt be stuck in videos but instead parents just let their kids do what ever they want they are parents anymore so china steps in to do their job for them not really a bad idea the us should do the same

  24. China be like: no western culture for you suckers! you need to grow into small order obeying factory workers

  25. Social Media wants to control us all.. Do as we say or else

  26. I'm about 70% sure that I'm addicted to music and reading

  27. How are your parents supposed to limit your game time in a China when the Chinese gov has them working 996? XD

  28. Now im grateful for living in a country that likes video games

  29. China has a problem with over spoiled children which effect their military strength. Makes sense they would want to restrict laziness of a spoiled child. The fem boy ban serves the same purpose. Less manly men mean less soldiers. They are trying to strengthen their military. It’s military purpose.

  30. All hail Xi-Jinping +5000 social credit for promoting China and +1 second of game time

  31. I mean if he's so worried about the children why don't we let them have good wholesome cartoons like Winnie the Pooh 🙂

  32. Something else that is up for discussion I hate the fact that even tho I admit I play too much I still have good grades and get my chores done so I think playing 6 hours is fine as long as you’ve done the other things first

  33. AAA games or video games as a whole are not being banned it's talking about the mobile games that you have to pay money for that's all the laws talking about. What you're doing is you're not reading the actual law you're just going off of what everyone else said so you're lying. And I keep saying this all of the place you're just a bunch of liars. The Chinese are trying to protect their economy from these games these games that you have to pay money to play. That's the only restriction video games on PC or on Playstation or Xbox or whatever they're not limiting those at all. So it's propaganda you're pushing

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