Children of the Forest EXPLAINED | Game of Thrones Season 8 -

Children of the Forest EXPLAINED | Game of Thrones Season 8

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Josh explores who or what the Children of the Forest are from Game of Thrones!

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  1. Seems to be based on the Tuath De Danann which gave rise to the Daoine Sidhe myths. The Tuath De Danann were a magical race that are recorded as having inhabited Ireland before the arrival of later invasions. They made peace with the invaders in a deal which gave them half of the country, however they were tricked into accepting the half of the country under the ground.

  2. Definately like this addition to the lore. Ancient beings connected to nature and magic. Purer than other races, reminds me of the Silvan Elves. Also very intetesting that they were capable of bastardizing men into White Walkers who in turn raised the dead. Makes it seem like their 'peace pact' wasn't without it's grudges.

  3. The reason and way they made the white walkers remind me of the reapers

  4. By Jupiter's Cock, this is most intriguing.

  5. The children of the Forrest melded their blood with some of the first men creating skinchangers, some of the northern houses like the Starks descend from them.

  6. Wait…leaf is suppose to be 200 years old…at least thats what other tubers ha e said…wood dancers…no one else has said anything about wood dancers.


  8. Just remove the stone from the king's chest and they all die.

  9. Cool or not cool? What a fucking stupid question

  10. How I do I feel about the children? 🤔

    Damn nature…you scary 😱😂🤣

  11. The Children of the Forest look as if they are the offsprings of Emperor Palpatine.

  12. How did they lose control over the white walkers

  13. I would say the Children of the Forest are more like dryads (forest nymphs) – definitely not like dark elves.

  14. Oh. Thought the explanation would be deeper. In other words they're Birkenstock Hippies.

  15. But where are the children of the forest now?
    And where did they get dragonglass from?

  16. What happened with the children of the Forest after the death of the night king?

  17. This part of the show reminded me of 80’s fantasy movies like Labyrinth and Legend.

  18. Amazing how the title’s a song of ice and fire since children of the forest from westeros made the white walkers and the things that beat them come from the other side of the world

  19. We have Alver (like Tolkiens elves) and älvor (like fairies). The Children of the forest remind me of our stories of älvor.

  20. How was jon snow different from the mountain and how were they both different from the white walkers?

  21. when i saw these characters i thought "Dark Seducers from elder scrolls oblivion?"

  22. there are so many factions if you will, that were thrown out of the window on the final seasons, like the children of the forest, the giants, even those who worship the fire god. sudenly theyre just gone.

  23. Actually the first men sought the children of the forest out to stop the long night.

  24. Terrifying they are terrifying thats what they look like

  25. children of the forest and the white walkers were part of the green new deal or new green deal….whatever is the order.

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