Children of Morta - Full Game Playthrough (No Commentary) -

Children of Morta – Full Game Playthrough (No Commentary)

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A full PC playthrough of Children of Morta in HD without any commentary. Game released on Sep 3, 2019.
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Please note that any fades or cuts in the video are breaks in the recording.

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Children of Morta is a story-driven action RPG game about an extraordinary family of heroes. Lead the Bergsons, with all their flaws and virtues, against the forthcoming Corruption. Will you be able to sacrifice everything to save the ones you care for?

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I made this channel for the purpose of archiving my own playthroughs of the games I play and sharing them. The gameplay is entirely unique and includes numerous actions and such that cannot be seen in other videos of the same game. Although my videos can be used as a walkthrough, they are not meant to be used as a replacement for purchasing the game. I play through the game however I want and upload it as such, not cutting out anything. Do keep this in mind when watching.


  1. What you no used furie mode ? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. this is more if legend of zelda, and diablo had a baby, its got a great idea, and the gameplay mechanics are solid, i would pick this game up if i have the money. great game all around

  3. this game was release recently, and someone made this full playthrough so quickly? O.o

  4. I cannot thank you enough for the straightforward playthrough. Awesome!

  5. The question is….will the game have replayability?😯

  6. What's the replay value? It would be great to allow different items for characters and large skill trees and randomized item drops. Like Diablo does, I would play Diablo but I no longer support Blizzard.

  7. goodness gracious, I just watched the first 2 minutes and I am so into this game!
    I am an aspiring pixel artist looking to use my skills for storytelling purposes and this game is giving me hope!

  8. I love that this has a family dynamic to it. I don't think I have ever seen it done before in such a way or at all (at least in a long while).

  9. Guys there is no save place in the first chapter cave if I die I keep repeating what's wrong or is it roghlike

  10. right now im playing this game. this game is kinda hard, and i keep losing. the enemies are too many xD

  11. Wow. This game looks a-MAZ-ing. I just picked it up on Monday. I'll install and play it later today.

  12. My wife and I truly enjoyed Children of Morta. Its couch co-op mechanics were elegantly designed. The differentiation of roles and characters elevated the co-op experience. The story was engaging. The length was appropriate. The art design matched well with its theme, while the randomly generated stages kept it fresh. A must buy for couch co-op or 2-stick fans even in 2021.

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