Buying Presents For My Digital Children...This Is No Longer A Game (WarioWare) -

Buying Presents For My Digital Children…This Is No Longer A Game (WarioWare)

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WarioWare: Get It Together is available now on the Switch.

This came from my stream on September 13th, 2021. Catch me live from 11AM-4PM PT every weekday here:

I’ve always had a soft spot for WarioWare and the new game is no different. All they need to do in the next one is add online multiplayer so I can finally reach Diamond rank for the first time in my entire life.


  1. 1:01:15 you might be joking, but paid Genshin is straight up worse than free Genshin, especially if you don't play 8 hours a day. There's a lot of authored content, and none of it requires you to grind. Paying only adds more pressure to grind. Whoever posted that is addicted to grinding for the sake of it.

  2. only NL can sit still in a chair for 60+ minutes and still end up on his headphone cable.

  3. I love shapes. That moment when I genuinely don't know if he's shocked that he failed, or if it's like that "Hot Gun" meme and he cannot fathom HOW he failed.

  4. 58:04 NL you could just sit above the cannons and use the tractor beam wyd

  5. Watching a father develop a crippling addiction that will destroy his life. Now THAT is content

  6. Mario paint baby noise
    Mario paint baby noise x30

  7. This game is so fun to watch, I am genuinely tempted to buy a switch just to play this game myself.

  8. i liked the part where ryan paid the doubters

  9. god how have i become so addicted to a vicarious gachapon

  10. Best series on the channel at the moment!!!

  11. Yes! My daily does of dopamine has arrived!

  12. 37:26
    Obrulon is dead
    He's past the nintendo classics section of the cup

    NL: No Orbulon Dice

  13. Day 3 of my gamedev journey! One day our egg father will want to play a game of mine!

    Today was an important day, all i did was rest lmao! I feel energized for tomorrow, lets go!

  14. Watching Enelle play this has really made want to buy it. Craving that dopamine juicing from a gatcha game

  15. 20:30 – counting skills off the charts, lunas in for a treat

  16. Oh Northernlion you're so goofy, I love you

  17. Wait oh my god China is limiting game time to 3 hours a week to boost Tencent stock because they’ll have to pay in F2P games to compensate

  18. How is Justin not losing his mind!

  19. The amount of excitement when he gave orbulon the fucking asteroid has me fucking dead

  20. I think there may be a problem if your creaky bed be up in your girls ear NL

  21. I've been playing the newest Wario Cup, and I can't wait to see nl try these quick IQ challenges

  22. been spending most my life
    living in a doubter’s paradise

  23. Remember kids!: If at first you don't succeed it's "not possible, it's literally not possible."

  24. It's so good whenever NL gives a prezzie and loses his damn mind when they love it hahaha, just making elated noises and moving throwing himself back in his chair

  25. We been spendin’ most our lives livin’ in a doubter’s paradise.

  26. This is the third search result for egg head. With your search we can get it to first.

  27. I'm 99% sure the big muscle one is literally just "keep it held up", maybe I'm wrong but NL seems very insistent on pumping it without trying otherwise when it doesn't work
    also MAN THE SHAPES continue to get funnier and funnier…

  28. Swim is basically Windmill and NL keeps failing at one and not the other somehow

  29. One minute and thirty seconds in I can’t believe this isn’t a best of compilation, Wario pog is on another level

  30. he should have kept 9volt golDan and made the impdemon shadowy

  31. It's my granddads birthday and I'd really appreciate it if you put all the characters in blackface to honor him

  32. ladies and gentleman… we got him. he's a slave to the gacha now.

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