Back to School Shopping Spree! -

Back to School Shopping Spree!

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This is an ad for Duolingo ABC. #ad

It’s time for some back to school shopping! This is one of Lucy’s favorite times of the year as she brings the kids to our local Target store to stock up on school supplies. Addy and Maya enjoy picking out their binders and other accessories. Colin gets some new Minion inspired gear. And we check out a new educational learning app called Duolingo ABC!

Duolingo ABC, (designed by the same team that created Duolingo the Language Learning App) is a free app designed to teach kids ages 3-6 how to read. Duolingo ABC works particularly well for kids that are about to go back to school in preschool, kindergarten, or first grade. Lessons include the alphabet, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Duolingo ABC is available now on iOS for iPad and iPhones:

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  1. I used to only watch the old vids. But Maya sounds so different

  2. my younger siblings and I love watching your videos they are very fun we've probably watched every one of you videos at least twice

  3. Tic tac toy do you guys like rainbow high dolls if you do can you make a video of them please

  4. The fact that Colin know more letters and stuff than my year 1 brother

  5. I miss when Addy was just 8 or 7. and I miss Toy School episodes.

  6. Im going into 3rd too WOOOOOOOH!!

  7. I’m just 1 year younger than addy and I love watching these and I also love Harry Potter just like addy can you make more addy videos plz

  8. At my school we get book packs so it comes with every thing except drink bottle pencil pouches and back packs and my birthday is in jan so I went to school and had just turned 5 so I’m one of the youngest kids in my class

  9. Show Addy's school and her locker I also have birthday in may 29

  10. I'm going to 4th grade btw Grant isn't my name I use my dads account but my name is Mollie I'm a girl

  11. I have been a subscriber since the very very begging I've watched these girls grow up and so have I i'm 12 now i'm in the seventh grade and I don't watch you guys often but i wish you all the best and for Addie and Maya to have the best school year ever.

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