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10 ESL games – simple activities [kindergarten]

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This list of ten classic ESL classroom games will help you to organize good and fun class. My students in kindergarten and in primary school really like them. Learning is a serious process. But that doesn’t mean students shouldn’t have fun while doing it. The games can be used to introduce new vocabulary, reinforce a language point, practice words or language structures, teach or practice grammar and improve core skills.

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  1. Hey you guys check out our channel we have tons of activities for you to do whenever your bored as well🙃

  2. It's amazing 🤩 am also teacher class nursery and kg…. I am try all the activity in class room😊

  3. very nice watch my channel also very beautiful rhymes

  4. Good games, you made a lot of grammatical mistakes though

  5. Fantastic. Thank you very much for the ideas.)

  6. The preposition activity is nice.

  7. the guy with his messed up accident he’s teaching English. Those kids are screwed.

  8. Amazing idea great job and thanks for this video ❤️

  9. I like the hammer ideas, prepositions ideas, and the juice ideas. It really help me, to get some ideas. Thanks

  10. Кирилл Пастернацкий says:

    Your pronunciation man 😂😂😂you are from Russia??

  11. Loved all the games! Thank you so much for sharing, keep on doing a great job ♥

  12. As a English Teacher in China i always look for some new class games thats why i subscribed to your channel awesome work man cool game ideas , like the letter building and the dice game for stories or when teaching my family

  13. I recently started working in a kindergarten and I'm definitely going to try some of these games. Thanks for sharing. Which province do you work in?

  14. the pronunciation of the 1st teacher is terrible

  15. The games and activities are very goood👍🏻👍🏻 and the fact that you are giving heart to every comment is even awesome.

  16. Games look great but your english as a teacher is scary.

  17. Koordinaten Kids the will be as roboter

  18. wow nice
    i need these kind of games for my class

  19. Lindas actividades me encantó 😍😍😍

  20. where to get these well behaved kids? I don't hear a single talking person in the background.

  21. I love all of games. It’s so creative. Could you please add all the names of the games. That would be perfect 😄

  22. Trường Mầm Non Kindy Garden Montessori says:

    These games are ao amazing. Thank you for.sharing. Greetings from a Kindergarten in Vietnam. Stay safe everyone.

  23. i like the straw one! I will try with my kidlets tomorrow 😀

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  25. Wow, perfect😍😍😍

  26. I want to be your student😢

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