Announcing Game Changer’s 2nd Annual Summer Camps!

Game Changer’s 2nd annual summer programming! We are looking forward to a summer of fun (and learning, but shhh! don’t tell your kids!) email to register!

Camp Dates
June 13th-17th at the Downtown Orlando Library 1-5pm
July 25th- July 29th at Campus Cards and Games 2. 12-4pm
August 8th-12th at the Downtown Orlando Library 1-5pm.

The Week of June 13th and July 25th:
Game Changer’s Writing Adventure Camp: Dungeon World

We will be continuing where our spring break camp left off in the Ancient – Greek themed game world “The Six Cities.” The cities are embroiled in a nasty civil war, and it’s up to our players to resolve the conflict, or watch the area go up in flames, either way, it will be exciting! Plus, we will be covering the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta throughout the week.
July 25th Game Changer is leveling up your experience (pun intended) at our official game store: Campus Cards and Games 2. Our Advanced Writing Adventure camp will challenge you to create your own game world with friends, and then adventure in it! Fight monsters, build and destroy cities, and delve in an adventure of your own creation!.

The Week of August 8th
Game Changer’s Mathematical Leadership Camp: Magic The Gathering

Game Changer braves new waters with our Mathematical Leadership program! Our students will roam the multi-verse as Planeswalkers, learning about the popular trading card game, Magic: The Gathering. From quick mental math to statistics, Magic doesn’t pull any math punches, but it’s a fun game with a lot of positive academic skills baked in! Our students will learn about strategy and leadership from the best of the best, reading excerpts from Sun Tzu and Machiavelli, and learning how these lessons apply to real world problem solving.
The Week of July 25th

Looking forward to seeing everyone this summer!

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