Game Changer Summer Camps a Critical Success!

Game Changer had an awesome inaugural summer! We incorporated in May, and were able to host two summer camps serving a total of thirty kids, and we’ve only just begun!

Our students participated in our game world “Psuterra” for the first time, and were met with the monstrous (pun intended) challenge of restoring the ancient kingdom of Alabann to its former glory. Alabann, like all of our kingdoms in Psuterra (or False-Earth) have a historical reference and curriculum attached to them. While our campers were fighting ogres, completing quests, and getting treasure, they were also learning about Arthurian legends, and medieval Europe. That’s why Game Changer is so special. We mix storytelling, strategy, and teamwork with creative writing, history lessons, and fun!

It always makes us happy to see some of our more quiet, shy kids, become confident and “out of their shell” over the course of the week, and there will be more opportunities in the fall to do just that. Be on the look out for our Saturday and after-school programming for the rest of 2015.

Our brave campers stormed castles, fought dangerous monstrous, made lasting friendships, and saved a kingdom from certain destruction.

What did you do this summer?