Game Changer Receives Orlando Soup Grant!

We have some souper news for you to sup on! Argh, that pun was so tasteless! Argh! We did it again. Game Changer received the Orlando Soup Grant on May 14th! Orlando Soup is a micro-grant event held quarterly at the East End Market. The ticket price of the event goes towards the winning nonprofit, and some tasty soup! Four programs speak about who they are, and what they do, and at the end of the night the audience decides on who receives the funding. Phil was able to speak to a crowd of 80+ people about Game Changer! The funds received will be used to serve twenty kids at the Downtown Library on the week of June 22nd, covering all of the supplies needed. The rest of the funds will go towards a scholarship program allowing five kids to attend our other summer programs free of charge!
It was a fantastic night, full of passionate speeches, good company, and of course, delicious soup. We want to thank everyone who came out to the event! I guess you could say it was a…. SOU-Pendous night! (Ok that one was really bad.)